Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I want to go NOW!!!!!

Kim, Rhiannan n I have just spent the last week in Newcastle having a look around and doing a bit of a recon. I really love the place from my first impressions (I have been there before but didnt really take time to look around as we did this time). I had forgotten how hilly it was in some parts.

We have decided that our favourite area is Warners Bay, Eleebana and Valentine. In between Lake Macquarie and the beaches. The real estate is a little bit more expensive there but well worth the extra; it is really lovely. We are not limiting ourselves to that area though, there are some very nice other areas as well, but I guess it all depends on where we find a house that suits our situation.

The photo is Nelsons Bay Harbour, just one of the many horrible places that will soon be within driving distance of our home! I don't know if I will be able to handle it..................LOL !!

Although the traffic is considerably busier, it seemed easy to get around the streets because one leads into the other, and small estate areas branch off the one main drive.

I popped into work, everyone was very friendly especially the boss there, who, I have been told, is the best boss they have had for ages. It's going to be a busier workload, but I welcome the challenge.

Spoke to our real estate agent this morning. She said that with the new home grants coming into play that the market is really starting to pick up. We have another open house this weekend, and in the next cuppla weeks she is organizing a half page spread in the local rag. We are really impatient to sell and get going.

Kasey has moved home. Things weren't working out quite as good with Chris and they have gone their separate ways. It's unfortunate, and I feel for Chris because he was a nice fellow, but that is the way of the world I guess. We are really excited that Kasey will be coming to Newcastle with us. The only thing that remains to be done is to find some spare time, get a small truck and move here stuff back home!!

It never ends eh?

Anyway, that's where we are up to at the moment. Hope everyone is well as we are.