Friday, 14 November 2008

It's all happening!!!......

Yes Folks - it is all happening!

In the past weeks since I last blogged, I have been stressed to the max! Just calming down now, but Monday 16th will be significant.

For some time now there have been rumours that the operations centre where I work will be closing. It appears that this is now the case. New South Wales Police want to consolidate their communications centres. Of course, the easiest formula for them to do that is to close the country centres and relocate all the workload in the city! FOOLS! Why not the other way around? Support the rural centres and close the city centres. It would be cheaper to have a larger centre built in the country, the cost of living for staff is much lower than the city, and staff dont have to travel up to 2 hours on public transport to get to work for a 12 hour shift!

Anyway, on monday we find out how much time we have left until final closure. I am hoping that it will be over 12 months but for some reason the year 2010 has been significant in the talk around the centre. I guess 12 months is a decent time to figure out where to go to from here. I am hoping that we may be offered a transfer to another centre. If that is to be the case then I would go to Newcastle, which is further north, close to my brother Leo and his family and closer to Queensland where the rest of my family live. There are also some lovely beaches up that way and anyone who reads my comments on my Flickr site will know how much I love the beach and the smell of the salty sea!!

There are other options to look at also, so I guess I have quite a bit of homework to do!

Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us that we may end up happy with whatever decision has to be made for our future.

On other topics of interest happening in the Jordan household.......................

Our first chicken has flown the coop!!!!! YES - KASEY HAS MOVED OUT. She and her boyfriend Chris are in a 2 bedroom unit which is very comfortable. It's taking a little getting used to; we do miss her but, to see her so excited and happy makes me feel good. Chris is a good bloke who loves her and I have no doubt that he will take good care of her. One good thing about it is that she is only just up the road (so to speak) and we still see her very regularly.

Lachlan has applied for an Assistant Managers position with Tandy Electronics, a subsidary company of Dick Smith Electronics which in turn is owned by the consortium who also own Woolworths. Crossed fingers that he is successful and can leave Woolworths. He is excited about possibly working normal hours and getting a guaranteed salary each week.

Lachlan had a bonus a couple of weeks ago. He interviewed Shannon Noll (Australian Idol runner up) when he was in town for a gig. His interview is on the Wagga Guide site. Follow this link to see the interview -

Rhiannan is going well with her traineeship, it will end in April 2009. She has only 28 hours to go for her learners permit before she can sit for her drivers licence. We have her booked in for January 5th already, if you dont get a booking then the waiting period can be weeks!

Kim has been kept busy with retail therapy, buying lots of stuff for Kasey. Kim, Rhiannan and I had a mini holiday recently. We spent 2 nights at Springwood with Kims parents. We were to visit Leo after that and go for a short visit down the south coast on the way home, but after Kasey moved out were a little short on cash!!! Whilst at Springwood we had a change of heart and decided to spend some time and go home via the south coast. With the uncertainty at work and Kasey moving out, we felt like we needed a little rest and recreation after all. Our saving took a slight hammering but it worked a treat and revitalized us. I have leave in March and I promise Leo that we will do our utmost to get up and see you then.

Not much else to say except that I am back at work on Sunday and will keep you all posted as to what is happening there.

Love to all

The Jordans