Sunday, 15 April 2018

Minolta XD-7 - Second chance for a pesky light leak

Well, it's been a while since I blogged.  Sorry about that folks.


I've been away and have quite a few photos to edit and sort out!

In the meantime, this was my last project before I went on a lovely holiday away with my Kim.

If you recall in a previous post, I had replaced the seals on a newly purchased Minolta XD-7.  I put a roll of Fuji 400 Superia through it and found that the seals had not worked 100%.  So, I revisited the seals after that and gave it another go with another roll of Fuji 400 Superia, which is this lot of photos.  The 2nd attempt at repairing the light seals was marginally better but there was still a light leak that was getting through.  

In that previous post I had mentioned that I was loath to put a seal near the hinge of the camera door, thinking that the thickness of the seal might somehow bend the fragile hinge of the camera under the force of closing.  I consulted my friend Google and found out how and where to seal the camera so that it has minimal contact with the hinge but won't let any light through on that side (hopefully!)

So, it was back to the drawing board for the 3rd attempt at the resealing.  That has now been completed but I am yet to put a film through to test it out.  I have a roll of CineStill 50D that will be the test film for that so, watch this space!

For this roll of film, I also wanted to test a lens that came with the Minolta XD-7; a Hanimex MC 28-80mm f3.5-4.5 lens.  I had reported in a previous post that it was a little soft around the edges when wide open at 28mm but, that is apparently par for the course when shooting at a wide angle.  This lens also has a Macro setting that I was also keen to try.  As you can see, the results have been pretty damn good for a lens that has had a reputation of being 'cheap and nasty'.

Once again, some lovely colour from this roll of Fuji 400 Superia.  Because this was an expired film (over 10 years expired), I dropped the exposure value and shot it at ISO200.  It certainly worked a treat as the exposure is spot on!

So, keep an eye out for a post in the future where I can hopefully say that the Minolta XD-7 has no more light leaks!

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Locals braving the huge swell at The Bogey Hole - Newcastle, Australia

The macro feature of the Hanimex Lens has not disappointed at all!
The Canoe Pool - Newcastle, Australia

As you can see here, the light leak was still happening. 
Newcastle Beach, Newcastle, Australia

Across the road from my work is James Fletcher Park.  As you walk east in the park, the level drops and
ends in sheer cliff.  Of course, this is perfect for wind updrafts which is why it is a popular place for
paragliding.  Shot at f8, the Hanimex Lens is quite sharp.
Newcastle, Australia

Cooper loves the water!  You can see the light leak on the right hand side here.
Booragul on Lake Macquarie, Australia

My beautiful wife Kim.

Sometimes a light leak can be lived with.  I mean, it is one of those things that comes with using
an older camera.  Still, I would rather none at all!
Booragul, Lake Macquarie, Australia

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is a great style of photography.  Google it and see the thousands of fantastic photos created by this style.

I went out a couple of weeks ago to catch a Sunset.  Unfortunately, there was a cloud cover that wouldn't let any of that golden light through.  Still, the situation was perfect for some long exposure photos.  

The location we went to is about 2 kms as the crow flies, south of Dudley Beach.  We had hiked a short way down on a bush track off the end of Debs Parade at Dudley and onto a small area of beach.  There was some sand but there was also an abundance of rock as well.  It was low tide so we were able to walk out onto the rocks and catch the wave movement.

The thing I love about long exposure and waves is that when the shutter is left open for longer, the movement of the waves shows as lovely misty 'cloud' and where the water is calm, it smooths it out into a beautiful flat surface.

The longer the shutter is left open, the more light comes in.  So that the photo is not overexposed by too much light, filters need to be used to cut back the light.  I had 2 stacked ND8 filters on my lens for most of these photos and, removed one as the Sun went down and it got darker.

This would most certainly be an excellent place for some Sunrise photos but that walk from the end of Debs Parade, in the dark before Sunrise, is not something I would recommend!

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Monday, 26 February 2018

Fuji Superia 400 XTRA - Minolta XD-7

So, in my wrap up for 2017, I mentioned that I got a bargain on a Minolta XD-7.  It just needed a little clean and replacement of the light seals.  After considering all the options for the light seals, I settled on a product from my local Bunnings hardware store.  I purchased a roll of window sealer; soft foam with a self adhesive backing.  I cut it to size (because it was too wide and thick to begin with) an put it into the runners around the top and bottom of the door.  I didn't put any along the side of the hinge.  There was not a runner there and I didn't want the seal to put pressure onto the hinge which may have damaged it.  However, it looks as if that is exactly what I am going to have to do because as you will see, I have a horizontal light leak along the sides of some negatives.  Funny, but not all have been affected by this light leak.  Still, I will add the extra seal and hopefully will have another fully working Minolta in my kit!

I alternated between 3 lenses.  One (Minolta MD 28-70mm zoom f3.5-4.8 with macro feature) I had used before and so I was comfortable with that as the lens to ensure that everything on the camera appeared to be working correctly.  I then used the two lenses that came with the camera - a Hanimex MC f3.5-4.5 28-80mm zoom with Macro and a Makinon MC f4.5 80-200mm zoom.

I was a little unsure about the Hanimex lens; for some reason I had always considered Hanimex a cheap brand.  This lens though, appears solid and well made.  It also has a macro function which I am yet to play with.  I was surprised with this lens because it gave me some nice photos although I have noticed that some are focused sharp in the middle and a little out on the edges.  The photo of the street and the buildings does not have this edge blurring though so, perhaps it is when the lens is wide open at 28mm that this takes place.  I think a little more experimentation is required.

The other lens that came with the camera was a Makinon MC f4.5 80-200mm zoom.  I used this mostly for distance photos for when the local yacht club was having some races out of Newcastle.  It appears to have performed ok, a bit soft in the focus but, I will have to give it a more thorough working out in different situations before I can make a decision on it's 'usefulness'.

This roll of film gifted to me by my friend Amber.  It was an expired film (guesstimate about 10 years) and I was not sure of how it had been stored.  Rule of thumb for expired film; underexpose by 1 stop for every 10 years of expiration.  So, this roll was shot at 200 ISO.  The exposure on these photos turned out good. That is one thing about film, it has excellent latitude for exposure and is a little more forgiving for any mistakes!

These photos were developed and scanned at my lab Pro Am Colour Laboratories here in Newcastle.  The only adjustment I make is a slight contrast slide in Lightroom.

The photos on this Blog Post and corresponding Google+ page are
©Life with Jordy Photography, All Rights Reserved
and may not be used without permission.

This is the kit I picked up for AUD$50.  As you can see it also came with a Flash, Film Winder, 2 X attachment and a very nice Minolta strap.

Taken with the Minolta MD using Macro. It was a really windy day so I am happy that it is in focus!

Taken with the Minolta MD using Macro. It was a really windy day so I am
happy that it is in focus!

Taken with the Minolta MD.  The light leak hasn't
really affected the outcome of this photo too much.

This using the Hanimex.  Turned out better than my expectations!  This was
taken wide out at 28mm.  The edges are a little blurred though.

Not all exposures were affected by the light leak!  The colour in this looks great!
These Sunrise photos take with the Hanimex lens.

This one from the Hanimex as well.

From the Hanimex and no light leak!  There doesn't 
appear to any edge blur in this.  

From the Hanimex lens.

This and the next two from the Makinon Lens.  Not sure about this lens; a zoom into the details appears to have a soft focus.  I mean, that can be good considering
the type of outcome you may be looking for.